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1. Introduction To Maya

We will start by talking about the 3D space in maya and we will explore maya's UI completely. Then we will check out all the default primitives and it's options. We will proceed towards doing a simple modelling exercise.

2. Mesh Menu

We will go through each and every tool in the mesh menu and create a basic model.

3. Edit Mesh

We will go through the edit mesh menu completely and create an intermediate level model.

4. Mesh Tools 

We will learn about all the mesh tools and how we can use them efficiently to make modelling easier.

5. Mesh Display

We will go through the mesh display tools that are related to modelling.

6. Modelling Exercise - 1

We will learn to model a coke can using appropriate tools, learnt in previous lessons.

7. Modelling Exercise - 2

We will model an axe using appropriate tools. Here we will also learn what mesh flow is and why is it important and also why n-gons are forbidden in modelling.

8. Modelling Exercise - 3

We will dive into hard surface modelling, we will be creating star war's R2 D2 model, while learning all hard surface modelling techniques.

9. Modelling Exercise - 4

We will learn about mesh flow related to characters. We will discuss which parts are required to be high poly and low poly. While creating our 3D character.


1. Introduction to UV unwrapping

We will learn about the concept of UV unwrapping and why it is extremely important for all 3D objects. We will explore the different kinds of UV projections and how it affects our textures on models.

2. Exercise - 1

We will be using a low poly gun model and unwrap it while learning all the important tools for unwrapping.

3. Exercise - 2

We will unwrap the axe 3D model that we made in previous classes.

4. Exercise - 4

We will unwrap our 3D character that we made in previous classes while exploring more advanced tools for unwrapping and we will also discuss the best ways to unwrap organic model.


01. Introduction to sculpting in zbrush

A quick start to zbrush for students. We will learn the navigation and UI. We will also learn how brushes work in zbrush.

02. Alien Head Sculpt

We will start with learning how to create a face out of a sphere in zbrush. Understanding the anatomy of humans and how it can be altered to create various different creatures.

03. Alien Head Sculpt Cont

The Alien head sculpt will continue, we will learn how to add other levels of details and how to match proportions with a refference.

04. Alien Head Sculpt Cont

We will learn how to add fine details like small wrinkles and pores. We will learn to use alphas to create small details as well as surface noise to add skin pores.

05. Alien Head Sculpt Cont

We will learn to poly paint in zbrush using various methods.

06. Projection and Remeshing

We will learn how to remesh the meshes and perform projection of details from one mesh to another.

07. Exporting Maps

We will learn how to create and export map and also how to render it in Maya, the industrial workflow.

08. Creating Brushes

We will learn how to create VDM and IMM curve brushes to create hair and borders in clothings.

09. Zspheres

We will learn how to create a full body character using zspheres. A tool which helps in easily creating different types of characters.

10. Sculpting A Human

We will learn how to sculpt a human by using insert mesh sculpting method.

11. Sculpting A Human Cont

We will learn how to add muscle details on the body. While sculpting the face.

12. Sculpting Clothes 

We will learn how to create clothing and add details using cloth brushes.

13. Nanomesh and Micropoly

We will learn how to make high detailed clothing patterns using nanomesh and micropoly.

14. Sculptris Pro

We will learn how to use sculptris pro for adding details.

15. Decimation Master

We will learn how to use the decimation master in order to maintain high details while reducing the resolution.

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