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1. Introduction To Xgen Core

We will start with discussing what 3D hair grooming is and why is it used. We will also talk about how Xgen is used for grooming and in what other ways can Xgen be used.

2. Preparing model for grooming

We will talk about the model requirements for grooming in Xgen and all the pros and cons of this tool.

3. Xgen core - Fur planning 

We will discuss how fur flows on animals in depth. How it looks and all of its properties. We will collect lots of good references. We will then plan out how to start the process and how to divide the groom in layers to make our work easy.

4. Xgen core - Fur creation

We will start creating the fur and discuss all the different options in which we can do it. We will be using groomable splines for fur grooming.

5. Xgen core - Fur grooming

We will be using all the grooming tools and discuss all the option in depth while grooming. We will also learn about techniques to make grooming easier.

6. Xgen core - Fur modifiers

We will learn about all the modifiers and use them in depth. We will also learn to create various maps to control the structure of our groom. We will use expressions to add noise and clump variations to make the fur look realistic.

7. Xgen core - Fur rendering

We will use vray hair materials to render the fur. We will discuss all the options and how to make full use of them for realism.

8. Xgen core - Planning the groom

In this lesson we will closely study human hair. We will find the best references and plan out how to divide it in section exactly the way we did for fur grooming.

9. Xgen core - Hair grooming

We will use splines for hair grooming. We will plant guides and shape them according to the hair style. We will create multiple layers depending on the hair flow. We will then add modifiers and control the look using expressions.

10. Xgen core - Eyebrow & eyelash grooming

We will now start grooming the eyebrows and the eyelashes, using splines. We will add modifiers for variation again.

11. Xgen core - Baby hairs

We will start adding baby hairs on the scalp groom for realism.

12. Xgen core - peach fuzz

We will also learn how to make peach fuzz and add it all over the face of our character.

13. Xgen core - Hair rendering

After the completion we will start shading the hair and render it using vray.

14. Introduction to Xgen interactive

We will talk about the difference between Xgen core and Xgen interactive grooming. We will discuss which one should we use depending on the projects.

15. Xgen interactive - creation

We will create an interactive groom and learn how the tools work. We will learn about the sculpt layers and all the brush tools while grooming our character.

16. Xgen interactive - hair grooming

We will now start adding modifiers for realism. We will discuss about the different modifiers that are unavailable in xgen core.

17. Xgen interactive grooming - rendering

We will now render the hair the same way we have been doing it.

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