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Develop the skills to become a distinguished VFX and 3D artist

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We are an online VFX institute. 

Our aim is to change how CGI is taught in India and in the world as well. 

Our professional work

Cloud/Smoke Simulation

This was done by us for a star plus show advertisement.

We used smoke simulation to achieve this effect. Mastering smoke simulation is a core part in the journey of becoming an FX artist

Student work

Houdini Flip Simulation

Simulated and rendered in houdini 

by Rocky Kumar - IVS student

Check out where Rocky got placed

Our personal project

Chocolate & Cream Simulation

Simulated in houdini and rendered in blender

We are transparent about the quality of work we do and how we teach

That's exactly why we provide FREE 7-days demo classes

Small Scale Liquid Simulations

Learn how to master small scale liquid simulations which require a strong understanding of surface tension.

We provide lifetime guidance to our students


Learn all about animation at Indian VFX School.

From body mechanics to all the principles of animation, we cover everything and we make sure that our students understand and can actually apply the things we teach in their own work.

We teach how to plan a shot, how to build the base step by step and add details later on to make a shot look even better.

Book a 7 days demo session with us!

We provide INFINITE classes

Liquid Simulation

Simulated and rendered in Houdini

We teach actual VFX and Animation

We do not believe in over-expensive fee structures

We charge 50x less than other institutes in India because we believe in education for all

Realistic River Simulation

This high-end shot was simulated in Houdini and rendered with Mantra inside Houdini.

Vorticity data was used to give color depth to the river.

Learn to do this and more at Indian VFX School.

Realistic Explosions

We teach in such a way that a student is able to create all kinds of explosions. 

The base knowledge of the workings of any software becomes clear to the minds of our students and this is why they are able to make controlled explosions in any given situation.

This is why our students are getting 100% placement in top vfx studios. 

VFX requires a lot of problem solving skills in a creative and fun way

And we make sure that students understand and work on that

Gel/Paste Simulation

Learn to create such attractive shots using Houdini. 

We will teach you in a way that will allow you to bring all your abstract ideas into reality

We teach VFX on the basis of science 

Which helps students to create realistic shots

Realistic Beer Simulation

This high-end shot was made with phoenix fd and tyflow to make the foam look more realistic and natural.

It was rendered with a studio light setup in 3ds max.

This workflow shows that no software is perfect on it's own and what is required is the artist's perfection in using a combination of tools, in order to limit the shortcomings of using just one. 

We teach how to build any shot from the base

Details come later


Water Fall Simulation

In order to achieve this look, the liquid in the software was made extra sticky in order to mimic the real flow of water, although in reality water is not sticky at all but we won't actually get the 'realistic' look if we just use the real properties of water in the software, hence extra tweaking is always required to get what we want.