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Become a master in VFX and 3D at IVS and get job ready in 3 months!

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Get professional VFX and 3D live classes and get job ready in 3 months

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Advanced Flip Simulation

Done by IVS in Houdini by completely using custom velocities and no collision.
Some extra steps were take to create under water bubbles and some meshing tricks.

Join us and get a job in 3 months in the biggest studios.

Studios that hire our students

We are transparent about the quality of work and that's exactly why we provide FREE demo classes

Hot Wheels

Learn how to simulate pyro simulations like this at IVS

We provide lifetime guidance to our students


Check out where our students get placed!


Our course prices are the lowest but the quality of education we provide is the highest

Molotov Fire

Simulated and rendered inside Houdini  by Indian VFX School

VFX requires a lot of problem solving skills in a creative and fun way 

Realistic Explosions

We teach in such a way that a student is able to create all kinds of explosions. 

The base knowledge of the workings of any software becomes clear to the minds of our students and this is why they are able to make controlled explosions in any given situation.

This is why our students are getting 100% placement in top vfx studios. 

We teach industry professionals

FX & Animation

Character was animated in maya, lightning FX done in Houdini, lookdev and rendering done in unreal engine 5.

Learn best quality FX and animation only at IVS!

We teach actual VFX and Animation

Small Scale Liquid Simulations

Learn how to master small scale liquid simulations which require a strong understanding of surface tension.

We do not believe in over-expensive fee structures and that's why we charge 10x less than other institutes in India

Volcano Eruption 

Learn how to use 3 types of custom velocities, to get the most out of Houdini's pyro solvers.

Pyro solvers doesn't give many details on its own, we have to tweak it to add many levels of details to get the best results.

Get a preview of our teaching by watching the tutorial series on our Youtube Channel.

Learn VFX and Animation while understanding the science behind it


Learn all about animation at Indian VFX School.

From body mechanics to all the principles of animation, we cover everything and we make sure that our students understand and can actually apply the things we teach in their own work.

We teach how to plan a shot, how to build the base step by step and add details later on to make a shot look even better.

Book a 7 days demo session with us!

We make sure to teach students the most important skills required to break into the industry.

Crocodile Flip 

Simulated and rendered in Houdini by Indian VFX School

We teach how to build details in 3D level by level

Realistic River Simulation

This high-end shot was simulated in Houdini and rendered with Mantra inside Houdini.

Vorticity data was used to give color depth to the river.

Learn to do this and more at Indian VFX School.

We teach VFX on the basis of science which helps students to create realistic shots 

Flame Thrower Simulation

Large scale flame thrower simulation done in Houdini using pyro.

A very in-depth knowledge is required in order to create this effect.

At IVS we teach in such a way that even a person who has no 3D background is able to understand it because whatever we make in 3D is backed by science and nature.

We teach students the technical as well as the realistic aspects of everything.


Character animated in and rendered in Maya.

Learn the best techniques for animation at IVS.

We make things easier for our students always.

We teach how to build any shot from the base, details come later

Space Ship Crash Simulation

This high-end shot was simulated inside Houdini with FLIP.

While rendering was done with MANTRA

Gel/Paste Simulation

Learn to create such attractive shots using Houdini. 

We will teach you in a way that will allow you to bring all your abstract ideas into reality

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Water Fall Simulation

In order to achieve this look, the liquid in the software was made extra sticky in order to mimic the real flow of water, although in reality water is not sticky at all but we won't actually get the 'realistic' look if we just use the real properties of water in the software, hence extra tweaking is always required to get what we want.

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